Solution Partners & Suppliers

Whether you’re a shipyard, ship owner or manufacturer looking for a Service partner, Schore offers a full range of services and are on hand to deliver the very best in ship maintenance and repair work.

The ever changing cylinder condition of the main engine is our speciality. Low emission requirements are the main topic today. New requirements means new challenges that have to be resolved. We aim to give our customers valuable key insight.

Nemoy Orbiter provides a series of inspections  and inspection strategies that will weave together an overall status and forecast for the main engine, ultimately improving the bottom line for each vessel.

All inspections are provided at 10-30 min. / cylinder without any disassembly of the main engine and without immobilizing the vessel.

Whatever the task, we have the experience to ensure that downtime is kept to the absolute minimum. We also offer a range of vessel maintenance solutions for regular customers that include predictive, preventative, and condition-based packages so as to all but eliminate the risk of equipment failure. Whether it’s a container ship, an LNG carrier, a naval frigate, a fishing boat or a fully-rigged ship, we are ready to meet your needs.

Service partner of Large Bore engines built by CSSC group of companies.

According to business division and specialization, CMS is taking the mission to supply original spareparts and life-time service to HHM and CMD made low-speed diesel engines from the date of engine delivery to yard.

On basis of HHM and CMD’s original and manufacture experience, supported by original supply chain, CMS managements all delivered engine records and document, keep safe stock with original spareparts for delivered engines. And in emergency situation, CMS could manage to coordinate with HHM and CMD of their productions on the line for urgent spareparts demands .

GESAB produces and supplies complete heating systems and NOx reduction systems.
The package includes concept studies, project planning, specifications, P&IDs, class, construction drawings and project-specific manuals.
All necessary valves, fittings, pressure vessels, pumps and peripherals are included in the delivery package.
GESAB uses a proprietary computer program for heat calculations to optimize design and minimize cost.

• Thermal Fluid Heaters
• Exhaust Gas Heater
• Accomodation
• Bunkers Heating
• Steam Generator
• Washing Systems
• Heating Coils
• Deck Heateres
• Electro Fluid Heaters
• Pumps
• System Accessories
• System Boards
• Catamiser
• SCR Systems
• Container & Skid units
• Inert Gas System

Sales and service dealer of Ayvaz

Sales and service dealer of Arı Armaturen